Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coffins and Photoshoots

A few random things I have learned from my education this semester.

1-    You can buy coffins from Costco, and they’re on sale right now
2-    The Fragrance hut doesn’t do returns; so don’t buy perfume from there if you just want to take picture of it for your photography class.
3-    I should buy books instead of making them (I’m in a bookbinding class).
4-    Don’t try and do a photo shoot at the Salt Flats after November; the fates will work against you...but seriously though.
5-    The weather reports are deceiving when trying to plan photo shoots around them. 

                  In all seriousness though it's been a good semester, and I've really learned a lot, and while I enjoyed my still life class-  I think I realized I am really not a still life photographer.  My friend Aaron I think said it best, "You're a nomad Stephanie." And it's true, I like exploring and wandering and creating. It's great. Here goes finals.