Friday, October 14, 2011

A Hearty Yes

Timing. The story of my life (As in I often don’t have it).
You know those moments where you know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be? Those moments are precious, and it’s really one of the best feelings. I love the flow of life that takes you about.
As I look at where I’ve been and where I’m going I am truly grateful. I think we all make plans (and plans are necessary), but they never really ever go as we think. I think it’s during those moments that define us. When the river of life is disrupted by the unknown and you make the decision to be better for it, then I think in the end the new course has the possibility to be better than we could have possibly imagined- it takes time though.
“You don’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well you just might find you get what you need.” Sometimes there are plans that we didn’t even know that existed that actually fit us better, but we go through some crazy road to get there.
Failure is rough. Really rough. But so many times I think our failures can just be steps to take us into another direction that is better. We can’t be afraid to try something because of the fear of failure. So much is hindered by fear.
I don’t want my fear to stop me from progressing. Right now I’m contemplating my next big adventure and trying to figure out where I should go for an internship next summer. A little early yes, but just trying to plan graduation and a few things. The thing is that I’m scared that I’m inadequate. But I also know Ihave to throw it out the window and plunge in, and see what happens. I can make it happen.
“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yet to your adventure.” - Joseph Campbell.
Take that inadequacy! I’m saying a hearty yes to my next adventure!

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